The following Rules and Regulations have been established for the use of recreation and park areas of the Borough of Waynesboro.  These are public facilities and each person is urged to cooperate in observing these Rules and Regulations and in helping to keep these areas clean.

The following are designated as park areas in the Borough of Waynesboro:

  • Memorial Park
  • Northside Park/Pool
  • Mt. Airy Avenue Park
  • Franklin Street Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Ed Miller Walking Trail


Rules & Regulations

  1. Proper care and use of recreation and park equipment and facilities, shelters, buildings, tables, benches, trees, shrubbery, etc. is required. The cost of any property damage shall be charged to the responsible person or persons.
  2. No persons shall operate or ride ATV, motor bike, motorcycle, snowmobile or similar motor vehicle except in areas where motor vehicles are permitted, such as drives and parking areas.
  3. The riding of skateboards is prohibited in Memorial Park.
  4. Visitors riding bikes or utilizing skates/roller blades should use appropriate protective gear.  These visitors must stop for pedestrians and stay to the right hand side of the walkways.  These activities are prohibited in pavilions in all parks, and the memorial areas at Memorial Park and Rotary Park.
  5. Dangerous practices and endangering the safety of yourself or others is prohibited at all times.
  6. Users of the recreation and park areas shall respect the rights of others and conduct themselves in a manner acceptable and becoming to others.
  7. The use of abusive and/or foul language is prohibited.
  8. Littering in recreation and park areas is prohibited. Trash and recyclables shall be placed in the designated containers provided for this purpose.
  9. The use of tobacco and/or vaping products in recreation and park areas is prohibited.
  10. The use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal substances in recreation and park areas is prohibited. Persons under the influence of, or in possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances, will be expelled immediately and subject to criminal prosecution.
  11. The little league and major league ballfields at Memorial Park are leased by the Waynesboro Youth League; and those wishing to schedule use of the fields must have approval from the Waynesboro Youth League.  They are open to the public, however, when games and practices are not being held.  Courts and other park areas are open to the general public, except when scheduled by organized leagues or other organizations and approved by the Waynesboro Recreation Board.
  12. Park pavilions may be used by all patrons when not in use for official functions or reserved for private use.  Rotary Park Pavilion and Northside Pool Pavilion area available for paid reservations.
  13. Observe speed limits of 10 miles per hour or slower, depending upon conditions, in recreation and park areas where vehicular traffic is allowed.
  14. Directional signs must be followed by vehicular traffic, and parking shall be in authorized parking areas and parking spaces, subject to a speed limit of 10 miles per hour or less.
  15. The climbing of trees, picking of flowers, or cutting or damaging any plant life by an unauthorized person is prohibited.
  16. Tennis shoes or sneakers must be worn on all court areas.
  17. The building of fires in recreation and park areas of the Borough of Waynesboro is strictly prohibited.  However, gas grills are permitted provided they are of a normal consumer-type.
  18. Trapping is prohibited in any park.
  19. The hitting of golf balls and the playing of golf in any park is hereby prohibited at all times.
  20. All park areas are closed from one-half hour after Sunset as defined by the U.S. Weather Bureau for the Waynesboro area to one-half hour prior to Sunrise as defined by the U.S. Weather Bureau for the Waynesboro area, except for special events and occasions approved by Borough Council.
  21. Certain park and recreation areas, such as the Dog Park, Memorial Park and Northside Pool, may have additional rules and regulations adopted specifically for that location. Such rules and regulations are posted at those locations.

APPROVED BY BOROUGH COUNCIL ON JULY 19, 1978; MODIFIED – July 15, 1981, October 5, 1988, May 19, 1993, June 3, 1998, April 16, 2008, October 29, 2011, March 18, 2015, December 6, 2017 and July 15, 2020.

Regulations for Dogs

  1. All dogs must be on a leash no longer than six-foot (6′) with the exception of dogs located within the fence at the dog park.  All leashes must be made of appropriate material for the weight of the dog.
  2. All dogs must have current state license and be up to date on appropriate vaccinations.
  3. Dog walkers must pick up all solid waste left by their dog(s) in a sealable bag or container and properly disposed of in a waste container.
  4. Do not leave a dog unattended.
  5. Do not permit a dog under your control to approach other dogs or people without invitation or permission.
  6. Keep dogs away from exercise areas, play areas, the pavilions, the flagpoles, memorial areas, restrooms or other park buildings/structures.
  7. The handler must keep dogs under control and is responsible for the behavior of the dog(s).